Scientific programme



  • Advanced Anti-Aging Treatment Protocols Focusing On Preventive Strategies


  • Autologous And Heterologous Growth Factors: Their Role In Modern Aesthetic And Anti-Aging Procedures


  • Advanced Anti-Aging Laser And Light Treatments: Less Is More?


  • Fillers – Threads – Btx: When, How, Where?


  • Female Beauty: The Breast Issue


  • UV-Related Neoplastic Skin Alterations: Effective, Less Invasive Procedures To Obtain Cosmetically Acceptable Results


  • Modern Cosmeceuticals: Valuable Dermatologic Allies Or Marketing Hype?


  • Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Melasma: Any Good News?


  • Surgical And Dermatologic Combination Treatment Strategies


  • Preparatory Antinflammatory Diet To Optimize Anti-Aging Procedures


  • PRP As Anti-Aging Treatment: Why, How, Where


  • Technical Evolutions That Revolutionized Rejuvenating Treatments: Laser – Flashlamps Diode Light – Rf – Ultrasound –


  • The Aging Face: How To Choose The Best Restorative Procedures According To Age?


  • The Aging Breast: An Excursus Through Cosmetic And Functional Alterations and Modern Trends In Preventive And Restorative Strategies


  • Mohs’ Surgery: A Time Honored Surgical Strategy To Reduce Size Of Excisional Defects And Maximize Cancer Eradication


  • Cosmeceutical: From Original Name To Present


  • Present Interpretations Of Origin And Evolution Of The Most Difficult Skin Alterations To Treat: Cellulite – Stretch Marks – And Melasma


  • Restorative Facial Procedures: The Plastic Surgeon Perspective



  • Hair Loss In Male And Female: Modern Diagnosis And Treatment Implications


  • Hair Loss In Male And Female (2): Modern Restorative Treatments



  • Complications Of Fillers And Their Management: Diagnosis And Useful Practical Tips


  • Laser-Assisted Restoration Of Female Genital Regions